Maria 1.0

Ode to A Maria 1.0 Tote
Ode to A Maria 1.0 Tote
Ode to A Maria 1.0 Tote
Ode to A ELENA 1.0 Clutch
Ode to A ELENA 1.0 Clutch

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Maria 1.0 & Made in Florence Tote

Leather tote bag

MARIA 2.0 is a collaboration with leather craftsmen in Florence. ODE TO A invests their profits from the leather tote back in future workshops with remote communities.

Measurements: 39cm x35cm
Colour: Light Grey
Composition: 100% Genuine Italian leather
Made in: Florence

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Ode to A Maria 4.0 Leather Tote
Ode to A Maria 3.0 Leather Tote
Ode to A Maria 2.0 Leather Tote

We are an Amsterdam-based design enterprise that partners with cooperatives in traditional societies around the world. The intention of our work is to promote time-honoured craft through a contemporary process. Ode to Artisans was founded in London and currently based in Amsterdam, by Sabrina Kraus López and Noëlle Maxine Tierie.

We believe that cultural exchange and collaboration form the quest to safeguard traditional skills and craftsmanship. We achieve this by providing design tools to remote communities in order for local artisans to innovate and become aware of global trends and markets.

ODE – is an elaborately structured poem praising or glorifying an event or individual.

ARTISANS – are skilled craft workers who make or create things by hand.